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Why Hire?

This is the age old question in our shop, and it is one only the customer can make. We believe that hiring at Lili Bizarre is best for the following reasons. At Lili Bizarre you get complete costumes which includes footwear, wig and head gear where needed.

The costumes are always of a far superior quality and we strive to make sure that you really do look the best and that it fits right. So many times we see pictures of customers at parties in ill fitting costumes which have been bought over the internet and are of poor quality. 

We never hire out costumes that are meant to be for the retail market.

Another important issue at the moment is price. Yes, it used to be cheaper to buy instead of hiring but now with the recent global price rises, retail costumes are now more expensive. When you add on extras such as wigs and footwear which are needed to make the costume complete, the price really does start to stack up. And, lets face it, who wants to wear the same costume all the time, if indeed it survives the first wash?

We do have a range of retail costumes in our shop but we are very selective in what we stock and try to source the best value for money costumes there is. On top of that you can always try the costume on in our shop so you can judge, instead of ordering over the internet from a small image on a model who would look good in a bin bag!

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