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Early Age/Roman/Greek/Egyptian

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ID: 00100 Julius Caesar
This is a fantastic new outfit of movie quality. If you want to impress at a party then this is the one. It is a one size fits all up to x.l. No need to say anything more the costume speaks for itself.

£50.00   Zoom
ID: 00101 Achilles/Troy
Brad Pitt eat your heart out! Again, another fantastic looking outfit which will get the other party goers swooning over you. Basically, the outfit includes helmet, skirt, breast plate, sandals, leg and arm protectors and a rather jazzy looking cod piece type thingymajig

£50.00   Zoom
ID: 00102 Spartan Gladiator
To complete the  ancient war set we have Titan, the Spartan Gladiator. This includes; toga, skirt, full chest armour, sandals, helmet, sword and arm protectors

£50.00   Zoom
ID: 0102 Roman Centurion
Image 1 Outfit includes; one size toga, leather body armour, cloak, sword and shield.

£35.00   Zoom
ID: 0104 Roman Ladies
Outfit includes; one size toga, wig and headdress.

£25.00   Zoom
ID: 0106 Spartacus
Outfit includes; toga, leather style breastplate and skirt, arm bands, leg protectors, cloak sword and helmet. As close as you'll get to the real thing!!!

£45.00   Zoom
ID: 0107 Lady Gladiator
Outfit includes; Toga, Leather style breastplate and skirt, cloak, sandals, bracelets, bow and arrows and feather plumed helmet.

£45.00   Zoom
ID: 0122 Betty and Wilma
Some more versions of htese great charachters, They come in small, medium and large and include; dress, wig, wrap and bag, yabadabadoo!!

£25.00   Zoom
ID: 0123 The Flintstones
Fred's outfit is a one size toga and includes; cuffs, wig and club. Yabadabadoooo!

ID: 0128 Octavian
Image 1 Another stunning outfit from this period in history. Octavian is a large size and includes, tunic, cloak, full set of leather armour, helmet, sandals and sword.
If you want to impress, this is for you!

£50.00   Zoom
ID: 0129 PompeyThe Great
Image 1

Another fantastic costume from historical range. This will fit a medium-extra large size.

£50.00   Zoom

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